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Dec. 28 - Three Georgia Companies Make Fast Company's Best and Worst Branding List

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Brunswick Business Journal Staff Report
December 28, 2018 - Georgia-based The Weather Channel was one of Fast Company's branding winners of 2018 that included Google, Uber and the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez campaign. “We all know The Weather Channel for its Local on the 8s and using the same U.S. map that every other weather broadcaster uses to tell us if we should bring an umbrella,” Fast Company wrote. “But this year, the channel took some risks and decided to reinvent its brand as an immersive augmented reality weather experience. Think: tornadoes ripping down studio walls, floods floating cars away, and fires flashing across California foothills. It was so wild, it worked.”
Along with The Weather Channel, the article included Atlanta’s Mailchimp that it called “Okay” branding.  “No one can say Mailchimp played it safe moving by beyond its mid-’00s monkey branding for a sketched, frazzled, bohemian lifestyle look that seems inspired by what happens when a Matisse knockoff artist tries to draw a New Yorker cartoon,” it wrote. “At the same time, the email marketing platform kept its chimp logo. So now the brand is left in a weird middle place, between two disparate brand sensibilities.”
The last Georgia company mentioned was branding powerhouse Coca-cola, but Fast Company said that Coke’s 2018 campaign was an example of bad branding. It criticized Coke's new “Unity” font writing it was “presumably meant to bolster (its) longstanding marketing story: That Coca-Cola can unify the world."

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