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UPDATE - Abrams Challenges Kemp Victory, Ramps Up Legal Team

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Brunswick Business Journal Staff Report

November 7, 2018 - The Abrams campaign is challenging Kemps claim as the winner, saying he has “offered no data, no proof, and no county breakdown.” In a press call tonight, Abrams campaign manager Lauren Groh-Wargo and attorney Allegra Lawrence-Hardy outlined why Secretary of State Brian Kemp’s declaration of victory is premature.

Groh-Wargo said Abrams is currently at a deficit of 62,881 votes with more than 3.7 million votes cast. An additional 23,783 Abrams votes pushes the race into recount threshold An additional 25,632 Abrams votes pushes it into a runoff threshold.

Brian Kemp’s Campaign/Office of the Secretary of State reported 22,000 provisional ballots and 3,000 outstanding ballots. “We believe these 25,000 ballots are in predominantly Democratic areas, but the Secretary of State has offered no proof, no data, and no breakdowns,” said Groh-Wargo. “Our campaign is on ground in all 159 counties collecting data, information and stories of voting irregularities and voter suppression. While this is the job of the Secretary of State, Brian Kemp’s ongoing failure to do his job has necessitated the Abrams Campaign’s stepping in to ensure voters rights are protected.” 

The Abrams campaign introduced its legal team to ensure all votes are counted. It's led by: John Chandler, Elizabeth Tanis, Allegra Lawrence-Hardy, Dara Lindenbaum, and Kurt Kastorf. Members of the Abrams litigation team have been involved in some of the most important litigation strategies in US elections over the past decade and beyond, including the presidential race in Florida in 2000, Hillary for America, as well as congressional, state and local races.  They are exploring all options to defend the constitution and ensure that the constitutional rights of all Georgians are upheld.


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