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Nov. 7 - Abrams Campaign Says It’s Within 15,000 Votes of a Runoff, Thousands of Votes Still Being Counted

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Brunswick Business Journal Staff Report
November 7, 2018 -  The Stacey Abrams for Governor campaign said it remains committed to seeing every single vote counted in the state of Georgia according to campaign manager Lauren Groh-Wargo and attorney Dara Lindenbaum. The two held a press call this morning to discuss current results in the Georgia gubernatorial race, remaining uncounted ballots across the state, and the campaign’s path forward.
“We feel we owe it to Georgians to ensure that every vote is counted,” said Groh-Wargo in a press release wrap up. “Secretary Kemp is just 15,000 votes above the runoff threshold as of 9:52 AM this morning. 15,000 vote by mail ballots alone have yet to be processed. We saw historic turnout: 3.903 million Georgians voted in this mid-term, compared to 2.567 million in 2014. That is 1.336 million more votes than in 2014. We remain committed to ensuring that every single vote is counted, particularly given the significant irregularities in various areas of the state.”
Election results won't be certified by counties until Monday or possibly Tuesday of next week because of Veterans Day.
“As of 9:52am, Kemp is just 15,539 votes over the threshold to avoid a runoff,” said Groh-Wargo. “We expect about 6,000 additional votes to come in this morning as outstanding mail ballots trickle in to Gwinnett and Clarke county. We believe there are around 14,000 outstanding ballots, the majority of them from Abrams' voters.”
Groh-Wargo said that leaves about 10,000 additional votes needed. She gave a few examples such as mailed ballots being delayed from Dougherty County because of rerouting due to Hurricane Michael, and reports of over 2,000 provisional ballots cast and 1,000 rejected absentees.
“While Brian Kemp should have stepped down as Secretary of State long ago to make way for an independent arbiter who is trusted across party lines,” said Groh-Wargo. “As long as Brian Kemp occupies his position as Secretary of State, he has a duty and responsibility to keep faith with the people who stood in line for more than 4 hours to cast their votes, and transparently proceed to make sure every vote is counted -- that is what we are fighting for. We have activated our field team in all 159 counties and just like yesterday when we went to court to extend the deadlines in Gwinnett, our legal team has been mobilizing all morning to explore and move on all options. It is the responsibility of the Secretary of State to be transparent in this process and to ensure that every vote is counted.  But our Secretary of State is conflicted out and has breached the public trust by running a problematic election with thousands of rejected, delayed, and provisional ballots.” 

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