Saturday, December 15, 2018
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UPDATE - Secretary of State Directs Counties to Complete Review of Ballots by 5pm Today

Brunswick Business Journal Staff Report

November 16, 2018 - Secretary of State Robyn A. Crittenden said her office is working closely with counties to ensure compliance with several judicial orders and existing statutes.

“Throughout this process, we have issued detailed guidance to county officials regarding compliance with these orders and, where necessary, recertification of their results,” said Crittenden. “To comply with U.S. District Judge Totenberg’s order, twenty-seven counties were required to conduct a second review of provisional ballots rejected for code ‘PR,’ meaning that individuals did not appear on the voter rolls when they cast provisional ballots. Right now, over half of those counties have completed this review. To comply with orders by U.S. District Judges Jones and May, all counties were required to count absentee by mail ballots where those ballots were previously rejected solely due to missing or inaccurate dates of birth. At this stage, three-quarters of all counties have completed this review. We have directed counties to complete this review by 5 PM today.”

“After we confirm that counties have complied with the judges’ orders and sent to the Secretary of State all required documentation, we will commence the regular process of reviewing this documentation in a manner that ensures accuracy and compliance prior to state certification.”


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