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Mar. 17 – McCallum, Republican candidate for 1st District, launches TV ad campaign

By Lou Phelps, Brunswick Business Journal

March 17, 2014 – St. Simon’s businessman and former Newt Gingrich aide John McCallum has released his first television ad today, "Dream,” according to his campaign. He is one of six candidates in the crowed Republican primary May 20.

"The American Dream is under siege," explained Rachel Dodsworth, campaign manager for John McCallum.  "We need bold, conservative leaders in Congress like John McCallum to fight for common sense reform that strengthens our economy and preserves our freedom.  Reckless spending and dangerous debt threaten America's future.  Let's send John McCallum to Congress to guarantee that America's brightest and best days are always ahead."

The script of the ad states: "Every child born in America today will inherit $1.5 million dollars in debt the moment they are placed in their mother's arms.

 "For children like mine, that's not the American Dream, it's an American nightmare.

"I'm John McCallum.  We cannot allow career politicians in both parties to bankrupt our children's future.

"Every generation before us left America stronger than they found it and I approve this message because now it's our turn."


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