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Mar. 8 – COLUMNIST: Legislative Weeks 7 and 8 – Nine Legislative Days Remaining by Rep. Jeff Jones

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By State Rep. Jeff Jones

March 8, 2016 We have been very busy in the Georgia General Assembly!  But this is typical for this point in the session each year.  Let’s just hope and pray that all this “busy” activity is good for the people of Georgia.

The Georgia House of Representatives wrapped up the 29th day (week seven) on Friday, February 26.  The following Monday was “Crossover Day”, session Day 30 which is significant in the annual legislative session.  Day 30 is an important time because it’s the cut-off date for bills to be passed by either the House or Senate, to “crossover” to the other legislative body. Then, the committee process and floor debate start all over again.  This is always a hectic time and requires us, as legislators, to pay very close attention to details of legislation brought for a House vote; Reps are working to get their bills passed and so they can “crossover” to the Senate.

Casino Gambling - HR 807 and HB 677 (I would have voted NO, as I have publicly pledged.) 

Some press quotes on recent votes:

“While I strongly believe the citizens of St. Simons deserve the right of self-determination and a vote on controlling development on the island, this bill is not the answer to that effort.” ~ Rep. Jeff Jones

"Rep. Jeff Jones, who lives on St. Simons, has withdrawn a piece of legislation that would have set up something awkwardly called the Villages of St. Simons, a vast overreach by some citizens agitated that they don’t always get their way..."


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