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Aug. 31 - ­Ocean Endowment Chooses Georgia State Professor for ECO’s Artist in Residence

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Brunswick Business Journal Staff Report
August 31, 2018 - The Endowment for Clean Oceans (ECO) has chosen Georgia State University’s Pam Longobardi as ECO’s artist in residence. Professor Longobardi’s excellent artwork and her early and visionary commitment to using art to educate about plastics in our oceans made selecting her an easy decision. Her 200 exhibits, including those in Asia and Europe, speaks to her and our global view of this serious problem.
“She is a visionary who takes action and has the courage to be early. She is a leader and we are so very pleased to have her on board,” said Daniel Perrin, CEO of ECO. “There are two main areas of responsibility for ECO’s Artist in Residence. First, ECO will commission Longobardi to create a piece of art as she envisions it which builds on her already excellent work to further public understanding of this global problem.”
“Second, Professor Longobardi will oversee the design and will run a competition of artists to win a commission to create a piece of art for ECO --Longobardi will decide the art’s parameters -- which will educate the public about the winning solution that wins our $1 million prize for the best technology or plan to remove the macro and micro pieces of plastic in our oceans,” said Perrin.
Endowment for Clean Oceans is now raising the funds for two contests, one which is for a $1 million prize for the best idea or technology to remove the macro and micro pieces of plastic from the ocean. The second contest is for $5 million to find a truly biodegradable and economically viable replacement for the five most commonly used plastics. Documentaries will be made of both contests so viewers can see the ideas and technology presented and how and why the judges picked the winners.

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