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SunTrust jumping into the Super Bowl AD Fray with New “Onward and Upward” Campaign

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Savannah Business Journal Staff Report

February 3, 2016 - With three-quarters of Americans worried about money, it's time to take action, according to SunTrust Banks, Inc. which is hoping to start a movement for financial confidence among Americans by launching its first national Super Bowl ad on February 7.

The movement, Onward and Upward or "onUp," is a catalyst inspiring people to make a personal commitment to improve their financial health.

"Financial stress is prevalent, affecting the health and happiness of people across the nation," said SunTrust Chairman and CEO William H. Rogers, Jr. "It's time to raise awareness of this significant concern. Our company purpose is Lighting the Way to Financial Well-Being, so we are starting a national conversation to motivate people to take action. We're providing the tools and information to help them gain control over their finances."

The Super Bowl ad from SunTrust – called "Hold Your Breath" – is an optimistic, second-by-second reminder that worrying about money can cause you to miss life's important moments. It's based on the core belief that anyone can achieve financial confidence, as well as the research finding that financially confident people are three times more likely to be satisfied with their lives, across all income levels.

According to David Camden, Savannah and Brunswick Region President, they are excited by this new initiative. 

"Lack of confidence about money matters steals the fun out of life. You're not truly living until you can breathe easier about your finances," adds Susan Somersille Johnson, SunTrust chief marketing officer. "We know that anyone can reduce financial stress, as small steps can lead to significant results."

A recent SunTrust survey found that 40 percent of Americans do not have $2,000 saved for an emergency. That jumps to more than 60 percent for millennials.

The Super Bowl ad will direct viewers to, where people can pledge to take action, take a Mental Wealth Quiz and receive specific actions, tools and tips tailored to their needs.  For a fun twist, they can make their own version of the Super Bowl spot to share with others using their Facebook images.

Here’s a live link to the ad:

To advance financial well-being through the workplace, SunTrust plans to offer ‘Financial Fitness for Companies’ to business clients later this year, using their employee financial wellness program.

"We also believe that companies can promote financial fitness as part of a total employee wellness plan," said Rogers. "We have proof. We offered financial fitness to our own teammates and 13,000 participated in the first year. More than 70 percent now say they feel more confident about their finances."


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