Monday, November 19, 2018
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Nov. 15 - Georgia's House Passes Amended Budget to Address Impacts of Hurricane Michael

Brunswick Business Journal Staff Report

November 15, 2018 - State Representative Jeff Jones (R-Brunswick) and the Georgia House of Representatives passed an amended fiscal year 2019 budget during the special legislative session of the General Assembly. It began the special session on Tuesday which was ordered by Gov. Deal to provide emergency funding to state agencies and local governments following Hurricane Michael.

“Our families in Brunswick might not feel the direct impacts from Hurricane Michael, but our fellow citizens in Southwest Georgia are hurting tremendously,” said Rep. Jones, “The coastal region in Georgia has experienced the devastating losses of natural disasters, and I hope that we can stand with those affected by this storm the way that Georgians have stood with us in the past. I believe it is important to inform our communities of the work that is being done to support and strengthen these affected areas in this difficult time.”

The amended fiscal year 2019 budget appropriates $270 million to aid those areas throughout Southwest Georgia affected by the storm. Southwest Georgia experienced approximately $2.5 billion in losses to Georgia’s agriculture and timber industries as a result of Hurricane Michael.

Georgia’s Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black addressed the House Appropriations Committee to discuss the Hurricane’s impact.

“It’s a very sobering thing… how agriculture is important to our economy and how we lead in the production of peanuts and pecans and forest products,” said Commissioner Black. “We are accustomed to leading in production. Now we lead in destruction. What we’ve got to do as a family of Georgians is lead in reconstruction. That’s what I’m committed to do. Every breath that we have will be committed to working alongside you.”

The amended budget will now go to the Senate for consideration.

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