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FEATURE: Critical Worker Pass information outlined Glynn County Emergency Management Agency

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Brunswick Business Journal Staff Report

Sept. 4, 2017 – With the latest information on the possible track of Hurricane Irma, it’s important to start following alerts by the Glynn County Emergency Management Agency, and address obtaining a ‘Critical Worker Pass’ if a company will need early re-entry to the county in case of a mandatory evacuation. 

As conditions allow following a major disaster which caused the Glynn County Command Policy Group to order the mandatory evacuation of the County, a controlled and restricted 2-Phase re-entry into the affected area (back home) will begin.

The affected area may be limited in size, may include all of Glynn County, or possibly extend to multiple counties in the region. Re-entry into this designated area during Phase I is very restricted. There will be local and state law enforcement officers and other security personnel posted on all roads and highways checking the identification and justification of those attempting to return.

It is the responsibility of the Requesting Authority to make sure the permits issued to your agency/company/organization or facility are used only by those individuals authorized to be in the affected area during Phase I.

Individuals not authorized access will be delayed at the controlled entry points mentioned above. Therefore, transportation arrangements for returning responders during Phase I must be independent of those persons not authorized to re-enter prior to Phase II.

This includes the authorized responder’s family members and friends. Individuals not authorized in the area during Phase I may be subject to prosecution.

LIFE-SAFETY issues are conditions that if not addressed by properly trained and equipped personnel would pose a continuing or additional risk to the public’s health and welfare. Examples of LIFE-SAFETY issues are (but not limited to): blocked roadways, damaged bridges, downed (energized) power lines, natural gas leaks, releases of other gas or solid hazardous materials, uncontrolled fires, unstable buildings, flooding, etc.

When conditions allow, The Glynn County Command Policy Group will announce the beginning of Re-Entry Phase II which is the return of the general population. In an attempt to mitigate possible traffic congestion problems, Phase II may be announced and conducted by geographical area or by municipality.

However, even after LIFE-SAFETY issues have been dealt with, conditions in Glynn County will still be far from back to normal. There is a very real possibility it will take weeks to restore basic utilities such as electricity, water, and sewer services. Living conditions throughout the County may be difficult at best. Prepare now, they state.

A Re-Entry Permit Application can be mailed or dropped off at 1725 Reynolds Street, Suite 224, Brunswick, GA 31520 or scan completed application and email.

For more information contact the EMA office at 912-554-7734 or Call: 912-554-7734.


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